Caught You Somewhere in the Middle

How can there be so much hate
in a heart that is so
willing to love?
What is the mystery behind a soul
who desires to hope and belong to humanity,
while she rests within the paradoxes of the self
and the fullness of it?
There’s a promise I should make
and a vow I just should break.
The self —
Where do you belong?
Should you be caught
in the liveliness and
worldliness of the Sun?
Or should your remain to hide
in the shadows of solace and
carelessness of the Moon?


~ written, circa 2008 ~

Spending time today remembering parts of my self, so I’m revisiting old poems. Posting this one because the first line rings true. Did I write that for my future self?


A room, a solitary chair
I take a seat while I am there.
On each high moon
We are our own;
To each high moon
Our own darkness, our own gloom.
Within me, an inaccessible sadness
Blurred backgrounds, everything senseless.
An unclenched fist, open palm, all empty.
In quiet, a chaos, a chair, this lonely.
A wall, hang this anger dry.
A bed, these eyes no longer cry.
A ticking bomb.
And what are we to know
This solitary chair
This uncontainable fire, a dare,
To nothing, we can go.


You live for ever
in the sunrises,
the cackles and the eggs,
in the glory that is your name;
the smile, only for me,
always bursting with love;
in the places we’ve been
and the places we’ll go,
all still life
moving into motion
with pictures of you,
and me,
your hand on my arm,
our smiles
forever bursting with love.
You live.

Broken Link

There is so much going on inside of me.
Don’t bother.
I know you have so much going on inside of you, too.