We are all superheroes—
Blending in the crowd in the day,
hiding, listening, watching;
trying to save the world
either from its own troubles
or from our own,
while we know,
no one else cares of our own burdens,
nobody else saves us.
At the end of the day,
superheroes save their own selves.
What brave and lonely lives
we all endure to live.


When the lights are off, the ghosts come.
This time of retiring wakes you alive.
The silence is a terrible violence.
The darkness, a blinding light.
With so many words to say
but with no one to tell them to;
The ghosts are here, they listen.
The ghost of you, she listens.
Your night,
a safe and comforting place
to unravel secrets,
to confront pain.
In the dark, we all are brave.

Book Notes: Camino Island

Camino IslandCamino Island by John Grisham
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Read this one because I missed reading Grisham. This book’s quite slow for me, and it’s rather unexciting and more laid-back. (I don’t know why some books marketed under the Mystery/Thriller genre cram all the mystery and action towards the end. What’s up with that? I just don’t get it.)

What I liked, though was that this book was about books, and celebrated the love for books. Also, references to writers like Fitzgerald and Hemingway. Plus, I am fond of smart, calculating, ambitious, and magnetically charming characters, like Mr. Bruce Cable.

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Some things I am certain
have no end:
this missing you,
this longing,
my Love for you.