The Whole of the Missing Piece

No matter what I do
no matter how I try
my thoughts always
lead back to you.
There is no missing the truth:
Every single day.


Everybody Needs a Go-To Friend

When you crave fancy dinners that you cannot afford or eat on your own
When you need an honest opinion on a style you want to wear
When you feel spontaneous to go visit some place new
When you find something silly on the internet that you’d want to share a laugh with
When you want to consume hours singing in karaoke
When you’re feeling down and you can’t decide between booze or ice cream
When you want to work on something but still need an extra team member
When you can’t pretend about the mess that you are and the shit that you’re in
When you need to be serious and must have a deep conversation
When you want to debate over politics or discuss about human or society issues
When you feel lonely and could use a little cheer-me-up
When you just need someone and there is no one else to call
Everybody needs a go-to friend. An available one.
I wish I had one, too.

Stark Reunions

In the end,
we will all
return to each other.
I look forward
to the end.
We will meet again
in the North.
[A Game of Thrones musing.]


We create ripples.
What we do now ripples to the next generation.


She hid her sadness
in chocolate lipstick shade
trivial chatter
and loud laughter.